Treatment Method and Philosophy

“The course of treatment is thus rather like a running conversation with the unconscious…” –C.G. Jung, CW 7


Of all the psychological theories I have encountered, it is the theory and clinical process of Carl Jung that I find offers the richest, most expansive method of working towards healing the whole person. Jungian analysis focuses on each patient’s unique life story, while at the same time exploring the deepest archetypal patterns of wounding and healing.  People’s despair, depression, anxiety, feelings of stuck-ness, guilt, rage, grief–all bring with them stories, images and patterns that we explore together, through talk, through dream work, through the relationship between us. This careful work releases patients from old patterns and self-images.

In over 25 years of studying and working as a Jungian, I have come to see myself as an expert map reader and guide, helping the patient to venture into their own maps ­– the places they know and the places unknown to them consciously ­– so that they gain the ability to access their whole selves as they journey towards individuation and meaning.


“…The best result for a person who undergoes an analysis is that he shall become in the end what he really is, in harmony with himself, neither good not bad, just as he is in his natural state.”   – C.G. Jung, CW 4